Always does eyelid jump? The woman that uncover secret 12 st

Eyelid often jumps, white spot appeared on fingernail, often have ache like pinprick. Our body often appears such or in that way strange symptom, after all why?

Strange one: "Money of left twitching of the eyelid, calamity of right twitching of the eyelid " , eyelid often jumps to be met cranky.

Reason: As a result of,eyelid jumps is fatigue or all round the eye department that pressure createsMuscle convulsion, can last normally 20 seconds left and right sides, press eyelid gently to be able to alleviate with finger this one symptom.

Tear open action: If the eye is painful,perhaps see thing faintness, double movie, need to have ophthalmic examination carefully at this moment, because these symptoms are probable,be what retina falls off or the eye affects is augural.

Strange 2: When chewing a thing, cheek ministry often gives out noise, draw on others look attentively at.

Reason: Because nervous cheek ministry muscle is too fatigue,be likely very perhaps exert oneself to do sth.佛山夜网

incorrect. If muscle exerts oneself to do sth. incorrect can make Nie mandible articulatory the activity because this suffocate suffocate, it is the joint of join chin and skull, be located in below ear. If there is sound when chewing a thing now and then, should not have too big problem, but also should write down when seeing dentist next time, check incidentally.

Tear open action: If eat every time,is sound when the thing, return companion to have cheek even painful, tinnitus perhaps has a headache, you sufferred from Nie mandible joint very likely maladjusted, should see a doctor in time. Common remedial method is the appliance that heads fixed cheek department when sleep, it can make cheek ministry muscle is secured in former, when still can preventing you to be asleep gnash one's teeth. Eat bit of good food less at ordinary times, weekly reoccupy heats up towel apply face.

Strange 3: There is a white spot below fingernail.

Reason: Be bungled when you move a thing in one's hand or when finger is squeezed by the door, make fingernail appears possibly white spot, as a result of,this is purely traumatic cause. When new fingernail grows, white spot nature can disappear.

Tear open action: If every fingernail has white spot, as a result of,not be traumatic those who cause, that makes clear liver or kidney gives an issue. Fingernail is broken easily or thickening is ringworm of the nails perhaps is affected likely, need profess to convinced and apply medicaments will have treatment. But if be white spot only,appear repeatedly, this shows the body is short of iron, should go to a hospital in time diagnose.

Strange 4: When sleeping ability to walk often jerky, can ache sometimes wake.

Reason: When our body rests, cerebrum did not suspend an activity, and active nerve cell can make muscle continues to move, and cerebrum issued the signal that lets muscle of ability to walk loosen, caused spasm of leg ministry sarcous however. Although have time of a few seconds only, but enough is fond of you from inside sleep wake.

Tear open action: If weekly cramp exceeds 4 times, cause you to often ache as a result of cramp in the evening wake, cannot ignore, the likelihood is food medium mineral (be like magnesian, calcium) content is insufficient, motorial yuan of disease is local perhaps the loop is undesirable, circumjacent and hemal pathological changes or varicosity. This has systematic examination with respect to need, try to treat again.

Strange 5: When side sleepsBreath is difficult.

Reason: When sleeping, be used to the person that side lies especially, often the relation because of gravity, make the haemal circumfluence inside nose mucous membrane undesirable, cause n&v snuffle consequently. Because there is a foreign body inside bazoo,still one is plant may be. The cleanness that maintains nasal cavity so especially important.

Tear open action: Long-term n&v snuffle can cause nasal cavity nose even indoor pressure, cause then have a headache. The film in still can making consist in nose and in the olfactory nerve between nosepiece becomes narrow, close completely even, cannot smell finally flavour. If still accompany eyesight to drop, the phenomenon such as tinnitus, cannot ignore again. Because cause the reason of n&v snuffle to have a lot of, best method makes a detailed inspection seriously to otolaryngology namely.

Strange 6: The body often has pinprick likeSmartly, disappear very quickly nevertheless.

Reason: If appear of the instant in abdomen smartly, the likelihood is by constipation or feel a pain in chest causes; If appear in shoulder, sufferred from tendon likely phlogistic; If appear in crural ministry, the likelihood is jerky because tendon is phlogistic,also perhaps be. Ge东莞夜网

neral what this kind of instant can disappear is what to do not have to be able to worry smartly.

Tear open action: If this kind prickles too frequent, keenly feel more and more intense, duration is longer and longer, often perhaps appear after had moved, it is the omen of other disease likely. For instance bellyacke isDyspepticsignal, Sufficient painfulIt is the symptom of fracture.

Strange 7: Nervous when hands or feet can perspire.

Reason: Be in very great pressure when us under when, body experience comes through secreting sweat fluid untangle insecurity mood, because sweat gland is in place to differ, its reach the reaction to hot stimulation to also differ somewhat to feeling and psychological stimulation. Affect in the mental element such as nervous, scared, excitement below, nerve is actuation from cerebrum coriaceous transfer department of palmar small sweat gland, the exudation that brings about small sweat gland excretes an activity to be in short-term inside increase quickly, produce palmar spirit sex to perspire namely. This kind perspires appear in control position commonly, also can appear in the place such as the back of hand, woman's head-ornaments, cervical, antebrachium and crus sometimes. The small number of people is when high spirit is nervous, can sweat profusely even, sweatily.

Tear open action: If perspire when return companion to have iciness of algid, hands or feet, pulse flabby, Be discouragedWait for a symptom, that is neuropathic perspires not just, the heart has the possibility problem, want to make elect上海品茶工作室

rocardiogram inspection.

Strange 8: There often is gas fluctuation to string together when having a meal, cause abdominal distension, the influence has a meal normally.

Reason: Have a meal fast person is in easily food of big mouth deglutition or air is swallowed when watering, cause abdominal distension. The fiber food that still one kind may eat name东莞夜网

ly is overmuch, because it can increase alvine antrum capacity to affect normal bowel peristalsis, generation is consequently abdominal distension. Additional, often eat low caloric food to also can be caused abdominal distension, because the food of low card contains Shan Li commonly (candy) alcohol and manna alcohol, these two kinds of material not only go against digest, easy generation gas is returned when decomposing. Cause easilyGastric bowel path bilges gasfood includes those who contain tall starch to produce enrage kind of food, wait like turnip, potato, yam, taro, pumpkin, Chinese chestnut.

Tear open action: Abdominal distension while return companion to weight drops, bellyacke even the symptom of alvine gastrorrhagia, the problem that is not food only, the likelihood is enteritis the symptom of other perhaps digestive disease, go to a hospital as early as possible.

Strange 9: The heart when getting up always is " phut phut " jump quickly several seconds, ability can return to normal gradually.

Reason: Healthy woman has throbbed when get up fast, because pressure is too great,be likely. Can excitant feeling heightens pressure, bring about a heartbeat to pass fast, blood pressure is elevatory, these phenomena also can appear when although we are in,sleeping. Still having a kind of case is certain perhaps pharmaceuticals puts the caffein that you absorb within body to exceed 6 hours above, can bring about a h佛山夜网

eartbeat to pass fast. In addition when sleeping soundly, be slept lightly by nightmare or noise suddenly also can affect a heartbeat.

Tear open action: Pass those who reduce coffeine to absorb commonly, seasonable untangle pressure, make sure enough sleep can improve palpitant frequency. When getting up if often had throbbed fast, at the same time companion hasBreath is hurried, dizzy, or your family has those who contract heart disease, you need to undertake the heart is checked first, hear the doctor's opinion.

Strange 10: The skin often indescribable ground is scratchy.

Reason: The skin is too dry or the feeling that nerve fiber is brought you itch by exciting metropolis, because nerve ending is right inflammation and the environment all round especially the change of air temperature is particularly sensitive, have urticant feeling easily.

Tear open action: After washing bath, try to brush some of product that protect skin or talcum powder, rise effectively to stop urticant effect. The skin is long-term Sao is urticant, accompany the appearance that has red heat, answer to see a doctor in time, accumulate because of long-term bedding faceSkin Sao is urticantThe likelihood is liver, kidney, lymphatic gave an issue, also may be the rash that causes by the bacterium.

Strange 11: After crouching every time, stand up to be met dizzy.

Reason: When you are crouching blood is centered in below half body, and the blood pressure of the head will be rapid when standing up suddenly drop, nature can come into being giddy feeling, can make you at the moment inky or Venus chaos drops. If often dizzy, change a pose to be met at the moment inky, that is not simple blood pressure question. The likelihood is cardiovascular disease perhaps is taken certainThe side-effect of medicaments.

Tear open action: Need what how say to listen to a doctor, perhaps consider to change the sort of medicine of profess to convinced.

Strange 12: See the sun thinks sneeze.

Reason: Jump as genu reflection is same, this kind of phenomenon belongs to a kind of reflex to light. See the sun perhaps thinks sneeze uncontrollably when the intense light such as the lamp commonly.

Tear open action: Need not worry forever, this is the normallest reflex, but the growth as the age, orthoptic sun or intense light meets the light cause harm to the eye, be in so the sun day with beautiful sunshine, the sunglass on the belt did not forget before going out.