8 roadblock of female duty field

    Roadblock 1: Do not be willing to show talent, conceal profession aspiration, uncle of sit back and wait appears happily.  

    Hold this kind of mentation, explain you are the person with an ability self-confident lack to oneself, have extremely strong dependence and laziness. Await a boss passively blindly can some day discovers you, it is extremely unwise idea. Clever way is, diligent effort ground works, show your talent adequately, timely before the boss stress your real need, such instead can let him feel you are a person that understand his and fills self-confidence. &nbFosan night net

Fosan night net

    Roadblock 2: Hope everybody likes him, too the assessment that minds boss and colleague, have a bit accident a bit self-condemned.

    The Xiao Yu that holds the post of assistant of ministry of public relations of foreign trade company is an overcautious person, she takes a heart everywhere, for fear that displeased colleague or boss. Can not know why, gradually she became the office in most meet with a desolate. Be in duty field personally, can need not embarrass to earn everybody's love oneself, otherwise, will much energy is thrown among them, not only working outstanding achievement won't rise, still meet a person leave the impression of hypocritical, excessive enthusiasm.      

    Roadblock 3: Be immersed in inside bottle, do not let to contend for interest each other, cause internecine.  

    Yan Li is project of company of some public relations manager, she and 2 manager are dead correct. Because strive for the sponsor of news briefing of a fashionable dress, two people developed an intense competition, arrived even the degree of at swords' points. Be in same below eave, such inside fighting is extremely unwise practice, the result often can be brought about internecine. YesFosan night net
Fosan night net
At the person that he cannot bear the sight of or advantageous beneficial conflicts, best method is the path that chooses a mutual benefit, solidarity is this, evasive and contradictory. Showed your tolerant mind not only so, more the working principle that body reveals you to be attached most importance to with company whole interest.      

    Roadblock 4: Become the job hard labor, fun of and rather than, won't snatch a little leisure from a busy life.

    Static it is foreign enterprise employee, everyday work even if draft market of sale status of contract, statistic, formulate to run program. Normally she is everyday the last the person that leaves the office, returning the home already was exhausted. Static him discovery became machine of a job simply, she does not know this is the life that this wants after all. To professional female, the job is important one part admittedly, but there still is a lot of is worth in the life you go looking, the content that goes enjoying, must not turn into oneself working slave.      

    Roadblock 5: Have scared feeling to the challenge, do not wish to take a risk, do not like a change.  

    The plum is the business director of a company, mention her successful recipe, the plum says: "My original work is very relaxed, one day company interior recombines later, the boss asks whether I am willing to extend a new business. I hope my life is changed somewhat, receive so left new job. Perhaps because at the outset adventure, just had today's success. " the effort with successful tough need, but need courage and the drive that dare to take a risk more. Can overcome be fear of psychology, face a challenge, believe oneself can go, the person that this succeeds just about and commonplace person the differential place between.      

    Roadblock 6: Negative think, become complaint a group of things with common features and complain a group of things with common features. &nbForum of Guangzhou night net
Forum of Guangzhou night net

    When some females encounter a problem, often be used to sending a complaint, is not try every means solves it. Sail is the sectional manager of a company, humanness is open-minded and optimistic, when this nods refer, she says: "I also am previously a bit not satisfactory complain endlessly, it seems that all people on this world are in and my oppose, do him at every turn is not happily. Realize eventually later, complain insoluble any problems, be faced only with positive attitude, just be the key that solves a problem. Just be the key that solves a problem..      

    Roadblock 7: How does others ask, how am I done, say to other hard " not " .

    A lot of girls are in the job often " good graciousShanghai water mill
Shanghai water mill
Female " , how is others told, how is she done, but the result often is to take pain to not to please. Gentleman ever held a post at a big company, when just beginning the work, responsible file is arranged and run the sundry such as the bank. Once, the product that a colleague asks hundreds of to she can deny a help to copy introduces, gentleman hesitated, still agreed. But become gentleman to handle the work of own at hand, had copied without time, oneself feel compunctious do not say, the colleague is dissatisfactory also. Visible, when the accreditation that accepts other or boss, do according to one's abilities is the most important, giving his too much and additional pressure result can be to be just the opposite to what one wished only.      

    Roadblock 8: Handle affairs dilatory, do not make timeShanghai tastes tea atelier
Shanghai tastes tea atelier

    Dilatory and planning a gender is duty field is big avoid. Will tell commonly, it is more meticulous that the female works, but often lack again at the same time plan and arrange as a whole. In addition, some females always are laid aside first to the project of a few own ability not equal to one's ambition at the same time, wait for at the last gasp, ability carelessly report to the superior after accomplishing a task finishs sth. Want to overcome this one obstacle truly, answer above all him recognize actual strength, do not do too tall out absolutely the thing of personal ability category, want thorough to detail consideration next, make overall plans, remind oneself to want to stress efficiency constantly.

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