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Bright red Dan Xi maintains section of static heart of shade essence a magic weapon desire

Bright red Dan Xi is the history to go upForum of Guangzhou night net

Forum of Guangzhou night net
the clique that raise shade represents a person. He put forwardShanghai water mill
Shanghai water mill
Fire of inadequacy talking, photograph considers famed in relief superabundant back, formed a system maintain the academic thinking of shade essence. His maintain shade spirit old law basically is reflected in static heart section desire with making Jun Xiangzhi fire, part careful food is protected with considering taste and careful hot and dry rob in case shade.

Bright red Dan Xi from " the classics inside Huang Di " in comprehend, shade smell is become hard and have a deficit easily, existing in human body " easy lack of water of igneous easy excessive " hair pathogeny element.

Dan Xi thinks, external affairs constantly induction at the heart, 5 annals 6 desire the seven emotional factors of all at the heart, the heart feels easily for content place and frivolous. Enchanted fire uses a supreme ruler. Should make its are moved and not absurd, maintain method is breath calm Lv, make the heart is not change of content desire place, passional place is moved, " heart, concentrate on more serious things, raise a heart, all prevent this internal heat so move at absurd also " . He absorbed the ConfucianistPreserve one's healthViewpoint, emphasize popular feeling take orders from path heart, advocate with static, adjust through mental consciousness, dominate all sorts of spirit activities sensibly, make fire is moved in section, do not violate constant put in order.

   Static heart raises a heart, fire prevention changes nether world

"The heart is igneous house to go up, kidney falls for water house, water can rise and fire can fall, one litre fallsWithoutHave end already, friend trade puts Yan. " water advocate static, fire is active, call together of photograph of extreme misery relative superiority or inferiority, activity photograph is made. Jun Huo is frivolous, can unload water of bad news kidney, bring use photograph internal heat, static heart raises a heart is the important segment that controls fire to change nether world. "Jun Huo is not frivolous, xiang Huowei has report life to defend just, yan has the cruel blaze of Fan bright, the mad momentum that fly away also? " Dan Xi this one viewpoint and " inside classics " " of not care at all is windy, true energy of life from " raise careful thought appearance bear, showed the Ning Mi on consciousness, on spirit quiet, can rise to control igneous function, to maintaining shade choice is very fundamental.

Talk photograph fire, dan Xi points out, live away from home at liver kidney 2 dirty, "Be born at windy, observe a report life, be moved because of its and see " . Move expensive have degree, frivolous hurt shade, energy goes discharge oneself. The main reason with photograph frivolous fire is passional abandon. Indulge in sensual pleasures what expression is fire is excited, the consume of shade essence. Of the person passional without limit, become the shade that has a deficit easily hard to often be not worth supply, exhaust its source, turmoil is to make. Be about to restrict photograph fire, do not make frivolous, the method is " far those curtain is thin, be at ease close therefore. " go distracting thoughts, be addicted to of Buddhist monastic discipline desire, do not abandon oneself to heart Yu Sheng is lubricious, affection of do as one pleases indulges in sensual pleasures, it is the basic measure with control photograph frivolous fire.



Bright red Dan Xi maintains section of static heart of shade essence a magic weapon desire

 Section desire preserve one's health, avoid 4 empty when

According to human body dirty gas declines flourishing should the four seasons of heaven and earthYin and yangThe principle of growth and decline, the section that red brook infer complies with the four seasons desire old law of preserve one's health, the empty of the theory that teachs a person to avoid one year, empty January, empty of a day and usually.

Empty of a year, namely among a year 4, 5, 6, 10, in November, also namely Dan Xi says " the flourishing of earth of Xia Yue fire, the bend over of wintry month internal heat, this empty ear by a year " .

Dan Xi thinks, heaven and earth declines with alternate of the five elements flourishing and into the four seasons, yi Yingzhi of dirty the six hollow organs and decline flourishing. Will belong to Si in April, will belong to midday in May, for igneous big flourishing, fire is the husband of lobar gold, igneous flourishing criterion Jin Cui. Will belong to in June not, for earthy big flourishing, earth is Shui Zhifu, earthy flourishing criterion water declines. Besides kidney water often borrows lobar gold to be a mother, with allowance its are not worth, reason " inside classics " earnestly and tirelessly at endowment its change a source also. The ancients Yu Xia, lodge for the night alone surely and weak flavour, cautious and conscientious at care also. Maintain Jin Shui 2 dirty, disrelishing the flourishing Er of igneous earth. October belongs to the last of the twelve Earthly Branches, will belong to in November child, normalizing gas conceal shuts Tibet, in order to raise its of naturalness true, and to come spring happen litre move this. Be like be addicted to of meanwhile do as one pleases desire with injure, to spring during rising, do not have below essential, in relief gas is flirtatious, have tepid disease surely. This also is right " inside classics " " the winter does not hideDongguan night net

Dongguan night net
Essence of life person, spring surely disease is lukewarm " saying play.

The empty January, namely before first quarter, after last quarter, when lunar outline month is vacant. Dan Xi says: Before be like first quarter, after last quarter, lunar outline month is vacant, also be the empty January. Bowstring, be like bend with phase of the moon and get a name. First quarter, it is the traditional Chinese calendar every months first 8, 9 days; Last quarter, it is the traditional Chinese calendar every months 22, 23 days. Look on the earth, the moon is in of the sun east 90 degrees when, can see the semicircle on the west of the moon, at this moment phase of the moon weighs first quarter; The moon is in of the sun on the west 90 degrees when, can see the semicircle of moon the eastern side, at this moment phase of the moon weighs last quarter.

Empty of a day, namely " encounter flying report of Neon of fresh gale big mist, rainbow, Bao Han fierce heatShanghai water mill

Shanghai water mill
, life thin corrode, sadness is ireful, TerrifiedTired of sad, drunk full service, seek Lv to be moved frequently, the empty that all is a day again " .

The empty of usually, suffer from for disease retreat first, phase of sore trauma fit.

When this 4 empty when, maintain on be about far heavy curtain of of short duration, respective take good care of yourself, conserve day and. Conversely, make this 4 empty, can appear serious consequence.

Dan Xi will see more at that time " spring at the beginning of end summer, suffer fromHave a headacheThe foot is soft, feed little body heat, zhong Jing calls Chun Xia drama, qiu Dong is poor, and bowstring of arteries and veins is big person, lay and so-called a summer disease is ill " , end is the friend that makes this 4 empty. According to analysis of clinical case of illness, a lot of people or dazed head go up, Move restlesslyIrritated heat; OrPalpitationWatchful of little sleep, Jing is disturbed; Or aching and limp of genu of Yang Xingmeng involuntary discharge of urine, waist, and contemporary examine index all normal, but self-conscious symptom is apparent, but end is inferior healthy. Investigate its reason, a variety of this kind of expression all with be about to move caustic shade to concern, abandon manner, unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease thinks of excessive desire, spirit is decadent, accept decreases fire to rise, incessant its evil thought, treat without result.

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