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  Office preserve one's health learns raise a stomach

Nut be in power, shangshui is moist

Long volt table works, what can let body complement nutrition most is to eat of course. Still remember potato piece the Gu Tianle in advertisement stealthily potato piece Tibet is in the drawer, and KFC advertising great majority happens in the office, this shows, be in oppressedWithoutIn the office that chat, can having bit of thing also is a kind of solution pressing. But how to eat ability health? What to eat is talent the most suitable? Have knowledge absolutely.

   ★ raises gastric spokesman: CICI, female, 26 years old, downstage

The schoolgirl did not love take snacks between meals, waiting for for a long time in the office, having a thing is very dull really. But the experience that depends on me, the thing that the office has must have the following characteristic: Build is cabinet, do not want sticky paste, convenient share. Most those who recommend is firm fruit food of course, can raise Yan Hai again can complementary capabilities. Of course, the boss does not like to see employee always is ground of full mouth snacks work, but drink tea, the boss is not worn with respect to the canal. Proposal office white-collars drink green tea more, fight radiation, drink lessCoffee. Want life-giving word, contain sugar of a few mint, also be right choice!



 The preserve one's health that office preserve one's health learns

Move rise, leave " bend over bend over a group of things with common features "

The jobTiredWhen, many white-collars are peremptory the strength that lost essence of life of bones of the dead, became " bend over bend over a group of things with common features " -- bend over to rest in case of the bend over on the table. This kind of method, it is right absolutelyCervical vertebraharm, and be in noon break when continue to absorb radiation, do not have advantage to the body. Be inferior to moving rise, use office space, think method does some of exercise. Do not visit the office narrow, but the small playground that it also can become us.

  Spokesman of ★ preserve one's health: Phenanthrene child, female, 28 years old, administrator

The person that often uses computer has same sense to suffer with me certainly, that is cervical vertebra always be ache disastrous. Practice gem gal inadvertently, I discovered one settles the efficient way with painful cervical vertebra, do namely " tree type " exercise. The movement is very simple, get on double arm as far as possible lift, the arm is clingyAuditive, two tactics enclasp, hold to ten minutes, make sure cervical vertebra ache is good.

But if you feel to become so in the office " tree " , let boss and work in the same placing see you be blamed quite, the exercise that does some of little manoeuvre. Girl people can loosen double foot, take off head of toe of high-heeled shoes activity, both hands enclasp, again loose, relapse 50 times, oldDoctor of traditional Chinese medicineSay, insist to be done so everyday, a serious illness does not pester a body.



  Office preserve one's health learns raise a heart

"Philosopher " harvest good relations with people

About office prattle this thing, it is a delicate thing absolutely, the result of get twice the result with half the effort can reach since talker, won't talker often was to displease a person to return water of a mist. This is " you can chat " crucial. Know chat appropriately, communicate emotive person with work in the same placing, be by address sb respectfully " office philosopher " , how does good person predestined relationship come? Of courseFosan night net

Fosan night net
Namely " philosopher " wisdom communicates those who change.

   ★ raises heart spokesman: , male, 31 years old, the member that sell

I am the most irritated is the office piles to be surrounded femaly together " speak " , see the staff came, they do birds and beasts to come loose in succession shape, xi Xi is laughing to run away, these do not know well the little girl of affairs of human life does not understand actually, conversation also is a kind of art. In the space of working exhaustion, can use actually chat will alleviate pressure, move solar term atmosphere. If this office is busy, can go next door string together string of door, what also can obtain other side of a few companies is dynamic. Best contact feeling means, ask everybody to eat draft fruit namely, eat a few ice-lolly, my relaxation is OK alsoInfectionSomeone else, the leader also likes this kind of atmosphere. Avoid by all means does not speak ill of a person rear, that likes the person of the Eight Diagrams, also meet finally the Eight Diagrams to yourself head.



 The repose that office preserve one's health learns

Suck oxygen, hairdressing, touch tired out

Screen is stared at long, EyeMeeting veryFatigue, acerbity acerbity, the small microgroove of implicative canthus came out. The tired out during adding Chun Xia lets noon break become all in all, want repose, must want to had rested, but the condition of the office is finite, how does ability make use of every bit of time or space have a break, everybody has wise move. Male people is willing to smoke a cigarette more, blow next oxen, how does busy move use the female people of the office noon break time is raised colour.

★ repose spokesman: Green jade is pulled, female, 25 years old, concoctive division

Make tired, representing cerebrum serious and anoxic, it is the tired out that exhaustion is affecting us not only occasionally, air temperature and atmosphere also are main factor. Contemporary office condition, central air conditioning always is the warmth that if spring is general,becomes the Office of wintry day. Such temperature person is comfortable, be unavoidable to faint howeverForum of Guangzhou night net

Forum of Guangzhou night net
Be about to sleep. Only wayShanghai tastes tea atelier
Shanghai tastes tea atelier
Yes: Drop in temperature, open a window to breathe freely, outside fresh air can be noted to us at a draughtForum of Guangzhou night net
Forum of Guangzhou night net
Enter spirit and vigor,

Occasionally room temperature also is a very main factor. Noon break hairdressing is to consume heat now, it is OK still to can do the skin to nurse not only beautiful shell, make up, beautiful body... basically be to want you only conceivable, can do! A lot of sisters can nurse daily skin arrangement is done in noon break time, deepness cleanness, beautiful Bai Bushui, let beautician light gentleness help his softly wash a face, sleep comfortably next so a little while, come to a company afternoon not only radiant, and alight still. The beauty parlour that those who need an attention is a choice is not lain between with the company too far, otherwise bad news is mixed in the time on the road energy not be to one's profit.

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