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- - > publish at 2019-5-1 11:05 feels time is used not quite, arrive again insensibly 51 holiday, be in Guangdong hind garden [Qing Dynasty is far] , have big surprise again! Bureau of tourism of culture of clear new developed area of in the company of of federation of culture of quiet remote town, clear far inwrought association is begun- - " does silver-colored needle pursue a dream " embroider " beautiful China " ? Activity. In clear ancient Long Xia impending span amounts to platform of 70 meters of glass to go up, last a period of time of 51 embroider woman is driven 70 days make, undertake embroidery is revealed on 20.19 meters circle canvas and creative work is completed in circumference. This is the embroider of another name for Guangdong Province with the largest area since having account, undertaking the attestation of world record at present, the likelihood is born again a new world record. 51 embroider woman does sewing work, calm freely, cooperate tacit understanding. Embroider gives remote town clear to spend, He Qiao spends bunch to embracing bright red the Five-Star Red Flag, topping high in the clouds, all the more air is grand. "Taking child, embroider the move is beautiful, the embroider that use a needle gives comparatively well-off home " . Inwrought, in Qing Yuanshan area especially ground of inhabit a region of Chuang, the Yao nationality has very good masses foundation and culture inheritance, in the government the leader falls, help deficient up definitely through essence of life, many 300 a mountainous area woman and system of minority masses course groom, bear is revitalized " embroider of another name for Guangdong Province " dream, walk up " embroider woman " post, carry arduous work, moved toward the road that takes off deficient. 51 during, to come from tourist of world each district, recall the mental scene of the dream the arduous work that shows far woman clear, actively, show the skill of the embroidery that be not involuntary discharge of urine of embroider of another name for Guangdong Province, for the motherland 70 years are displayed on good blessing. " silver-colored needle pursues a dream " embroider " beautiful China " activity, it is to be in those who have multinomial headroom to visit world record [big gorge of Gu Longxia glass] hold, gu Longxia recieves a tourist every year to exceed 2 million person, the environment of former zoology became paradise of wild vivid floral, everywhere of Luo of flyer, squirrel, feral Suo is visible. Go up on foot from point of entry of area of scene of foot of a hill hill, wait to half hill parking lot place, those who have scene area is free move back and forth back and forth car till seaborne start, also be to go up on foot here hill is viewed and admire " ancient Long Jiubao " place. The fall of type of a flight of stairs with Guangdong the biggest drop, ancient Long Jiubao chute of cliff of renown lofty or bottomless group, 610 meters long, total drop 263 meters. The grand cataract that comprises by 9 paragraphs of chute group, one waterfall 9, an one waterfall, break one pool, among them advocate chute is Yun Long cataract, go against a brook along Shuang Longbao and go up, from bottom to top is distributinging day dragon, Cang Long, flying dragon, see dragon, fierce dragon, jump dragon, Yun Long to wait for chute of 9 class a flight of stairs. Had passed through rain forest is tribal, can explore water shade burrow, will to verdure go deep and remotely greatly Long Tan, can 0 distances experience advocate chute---Blow on the face of cloud dragon cataract and the shock that come. Area of scene of ancient dragon gorge opens up endowment 238 million yuan of made glass big gorge, built first market of world suspension bridge of a plank road built along a cliff of impending glass platform, glass, glass is an organic whole prop up a day gigantic make, combine vitreous sightseeing suspension to arrive in torrent of the high mountain gorge of nature, chute. Gu Longxia planned the activity that day on 10 thousand small ensign and a few big national flag, give visitor freely. Wow, everybody but excited, lifting ensign to enter vitreous platform to surround view, the woman that it is embroider is aided blast. The headroom of vitreous big gorge visits circuit to grow 1314 meters, headroom glass place occupies an area big. Vitreous big gorge is 3.1 line: Through vitreous a plank road built along a cliff platform, will dangerous join of 3 scene viewpoint became waterfall, suspension bridge to visit use a line, from beginning to end joins form annular excursion face. Headroom visits an area to be 8680 square metre, achieve society of world record attestation " the biggest headroom sightseeing glass on the world is combined " world record. Vitreous big gorge connects body to use 3 the whole world is the thickest entrances of 4.5 centimeters of ply to exceed the white glass that place glue; The light transmittance that exceeds white glass 99.15% . The view that allows a tourist scene of more bright, view more connect fully, impressions is more exciting. Gu Longxia watchs waterfall glass bridge, be located in chute of cliff of scene area lofty or bottomless group inside core tourist attraction, full-length 339.2 meters, average width 3.8 meters, the biggest width 6.8 meters, achieve society of world record attestation " the suspension bridge of the widest the glass that watch waterfall on the world " world record. Impending is 70 meters glass platform not quite exciting still? Want to be stimulated more? Have! Forest leaps, pass through be apart from 3.13 kilometers, by go up and next passing through 6 chute such as cliff of lofty or bottomless, flying dragon, flood dragon dragon, fierce dragon, Cang Long, double dragon. Arrive from start terminal, perpendicular tall difference is 263 meters, achieve society of world record attestation " on the world perpendicular the jungly leap project with tall the biggest difference " world record. Pig pig is to fear tall, still be inferior to beautiful younger sister people brave, younger sister seeing the beauty people what the face brings smile is strong go out, there still is a mobile phone to be patted oneself on the hand, admire sincerely, touring a line is one-way look around, do not take the road back to one's former position, so not rapid move goes, look slowly, play slowly, enjoy happy travel fun! ? [Tips] 1. Understanding understands the situation that local weather changes. 2. Equipment good sneaker, rope, solid food and water. In the summer, must carry enough water, because mountain-climbing can perspire, if not compensatory and enough water is divided, incidental collapse, heatstroke. 3. Had better carry emergency treatment drug, wait like Yunnan Baiyao, hemostatic bandage, so that be in,happen throw the use on the injury, clique when touching injury, sprain. 4. Knapsack is not portable, should carry on the back in double shoulder. Take alpenstock or hard club, help ascend. 5. Must not take a picture in critical cliff margin, produce an accident in case. [traffic] drive oneself: Clear ancient Long Xia is located in remote city pure and fresh district clear 3 hole beach, distance Guangzhou urban district only 68 kilometers, the distance makes wide high speed " Qing Yuanxi " exit 16 kilometers, " dragon neck " export 11 kilometers, be apart from far urban district clear 13 kilometers, along S114 the province directly the mouth reachs scene area namely into 3 kilometers. Navigation is searched " Gu Longxia " can. Take a car: 1, intercity bus: Complete province each district has the passenger transport regular bus with far Qing Dynasty. After reaching far urban district clear, turn public transportation to the name the station is taken go car of Gu Longxia special railway line. Make an appointment with 50 yuan what the urban district hits to scene area. Long-distance regular bus had better choose the vehicle that far north stands clear, those who hit need 30 yuan only to scene area. 2, Gao Tie: Door of Shenzhen, tiger, Guangzhou, beautiful closes Dou Youqing's far Gao Tie, after station of clear far tall iron arrives, turn public transportation to the name the station is taken go car of Gu Longxia special railway line. Gao Tie stands to make an appointment with 60 yuan what hit to scene area. 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